Disney Lion Guard Birthday Party

When I initially started planning this out, of course I had a ton of ideas with lots of different directions to go! So I really had to narrow down the “style” of the party.

Firstly, this is one of my budget parties and we HAD to have a budget. I am notorious for my bargain hunting and buying. I normally will not buy things if they are not on sale or clearance, ESPECIALLY for kids parties! It may not look like much, but when you start to add up all the tiny details, it adds up VERY quickly.

One of the good sides to all this, is that I am computer trained, meaning, I spent way too much money to learn how to make stuff on a computer. So I first started out making all the invites, fb event invite and party decor that I would need on my thinking machine.

This design, I cut several different shapes and sizes of leaves to use throughout my design with my Silhouette Cameo (love that thing). I made these really cool vines to hang some of them on too! Add in some custom cut Lion Guard tattoos, signs, banner, decals for cups and boom. We are on our way!

Next, I felt we needed some center pieces and tissue paper numbers, not a whole lot as we don’t throw big parties, so I made 3 small for the center pieces and 1 large one for my custom built Pride Rock. The end result was so amazing.

Most of the themed stuff, such as plates, napkins and plastic table cloths I found on sale at Party City or Michael’s but to be honest, I had gotten light and dark green napkins, plates, table cloths and cups and they were perfect. So we probably COULD have done without the themed supplies, but it did add something so hey, why not!


To top it off, I ordered custom made cookies by Julies Sweet Treats and it really tied it together.


So in a nut shell, you see the finished design below.



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